We offer a complete service for choosing the best suited plan to your particular conditions and needs. Once this choice has been made we undertake to carry out all the preliminary work required to get you under way. Ours is a step by step service which covers:

  • Preliminary surveys
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project planning: lay-out, construction, equipment & operation schedules
  • On site supervision
  • Running-in of the operation as planned
  • Resident management of project
  • Consultation

Area of practice:

  • Central cooling and heating plants
  • Thermal Storage (heating and cooling)
  • VAV systems
  • Cold air distribution
  • Process cooling
  • Energy audit and analysis

Specialty Services:

  • DDS control & Building Management systems
  • 2D/3D modeling of electro-mechanical systems.
  • Superposition and electro-mechanical system coordination
  • Green building technology and envelope consultation
  • Radiant Cooling
  • CFD computer fluid dynamics
  • Indoor air quality
  • Maintenance backup and consulting
  • Turnkey projects