Haifa Court House

Haifa Court House is located at the heart of Haifa business center, Connected underground to “city windows” project (70,000 Sq. m. privately owned office campus).
The building has two wings connected with a long atrium covered by 1,000 sq. m. glass skylight. The law courts of Haifa occupy some 55,000 sq.m. comprising 75 courtrooms, 100 chambers, detention facility, administrative offices and archives (including ABC protection systems). There are 5 underground levels and 6 over-ground floors covering a total area of 80,000 sq.m. The air-conditioning is based on a 1750-ton cooling system. (4 air cooled chillers with 40 Calamac Ice tanks). 2 pipe system, electric heating, 220 AHU, 150 FC, and 80 Fans. Our services included HVAC design and project superposition.
Owner: Israel government
Architects: Miki and Bracha Hayutin
Project Supervisor: Kidan - Dani Boroshanski
Scope: Air-conditioning and ventilation
range - $6.5 million