Electric Corporation

Electric Corporation Headquarters, Haifa

80,000 sq.m. Including offices, control rooms, computer section and parking. 30 floors (3 underground), 11,000 Sq m. underground parking 1,500 Sq.m computer rooms Occupancy – 2,800 persons 1 auditorium, 8 atriums. Total building heat load – 2,700 Tr. system includes 85 AHU, 120 FC units, ~100 Fans. 35 precise control AHU for computer rooms, A 2 Pipe system, VAV – pressure independent, Cold air distribution system, Primary hot water heating for FA, Electrical heating in room box/grill, Water cooled screw chillers in the basement, Cooling towers on roof (30th floor), 4 Trane chillers, Each 350 Tr. – for main circuits, 2 Trane chillers, Each 130 Tr. – for computer rooms (with heat reclaim), Ice storage – 1,000 Tr. (BAC 17 storage tanks). On each floor 2 AHU 16,000 CFM with backup duct.
Site: south entrance to Haifa
Owner: Israel Electric Company
Architects - Rosoff-Hirsch, Mansfeld-Kehat

 site: www.mansfeld-kehat.co.il

Project Supervisors: Nitsan-Inbar Co., Zvi Arad
Scope: Air-conditioning and ventilation
range - $8 million